Your visual brand needs to attract your perfect type of client to let them know that you are their perfect travel partner!



There are only two options for keeping your website up to date.

But first, let us clarify what we mean by that…you need to continuously add new content if you have a blog/articles, update your pricing or services list as it changes, add and remove information about new clients and testimonials, change out photos and expand your sales content.

You want your business to grow right?

Well, it is impossible for your business to grow if your website does not. In fact, we have a whole section of our business dedicated to driving traffic to your new website.

So choose from these two options:


This means doing all of the updates and fixing any glitches that may occur.


If you requested to have your website build in Wix (90% of our clients do for ease of editing), and you are not familiar with Wix, there is a learning center at the bottom of this page.

You’ll find helpful videos, instructions, and details on how to contact Wix Support.


If you chose for your website to be built on WordPress, you will need to ensure that you keep your theme and all of your plug-ins up to date. Be careful when updating as not all plugins are developed and maintained at the same time and an update to the WordPress platform may trigger your plugins to not work properly.

For your convenience, we also have linked the support center for WordPress below.

Pro Tip From our Designers

Schedule a monthly review of your site – say on the 1st of every month (be sure to put it into your calendar to ensure it happens).

On the website, review work through each page one at a time and check that everything is correct and looks good. Then jump onto your phone and do the same as things may have shifted.

If you experience any trouble managing your site or it becomes too time-consuming for you, simply purchase some maintenance time.


Maintenance & Support for only $2 per minute.

Purchase maintenance time as and when you need it. Click the button below to submit your maintenance request. We will send you an estimate of the time it will take to complete your request and you will have an opportunity to purchase at that time. Updates to your site are usually carried out within 7 calendar days.

Urgent updates (those that cannot wait 24 hours – such as ….your booking system is down or your payment service is not functioning) is calculated at the double rate but will be done immediately. We will drop everything and work out of office hours to get it fixed. If we cannot fix it we will submit an expedited ticket to support on your behalf.

Maintenance time is best suited for entrepreneurs who have to wear many hats and don’t want tech/web to be one of them, people who are not technically confident – you can do the basics only, or business owners who recognize that even 3 hours updating their website is 3 hours better spent closing a big sale, or resting!

Purchase maintenance & support for only $2 per minute as and when you need us.

Click below to submit your maintenance request and receive your estimate.